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Summer 2001

Table of Contents

Summer 2001

Vol. 28, No. 2

President's Message

by Carroll Ferguson Nardone

The College Press and Freedom of Expression

by Mark Paxton

What Really Happened at DeAnza College

by Beth Grobman Burruss

Online Banner Advertising

by David R. Thompson and Birgit Wassmuth

Financial Growth of Community College Newspapers

by Lillian Lodge Kopenhaver

Book Reviews
  • The Troubles of Journalism
  • The Pattern on the Stone: Simple Ideas that Make Computers Work
  • The More You Watch, the Less You Know: News Wars (Sub)Merged Hopes/Media Adventures


President's Message: Integration


Perhaps it's a bit unusual to begin a column with a definition, particularly one as innocuous as "integrate." I see it as a reflection point, as a way of thinking about how simple this word seems, yet how truly complex it is. I find this word appropriately defines where CCJA is and where we are going.

Freedom of Expression and the College Press -- Pt 1

When a U.S. District Court Judge applied the Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier (1988) standard to college publications in Kentucky, many people associated with college media expressed concern that the ruling would curtail freedom of the press on college and university campuses.


Freedom of expression ... Pt 2

Continuation of Mark Paxton's article on legal developments affecting the college press.

DeAnza College: Two days after infamy

This is a creative non-fiction piece written after the bomb threat at DeAnza College last January. The telephone messages in this story were real, although altered slightly for clarity and anonymity. Names have been changed or omitted.


Banner Advertising: Collating with content -- Pt 1

Effective placement of online advertising is one factor in the financial success of online newspapers.

This article reports a content analysis of online newspaper practice regarding delivery of appropriate advertising messages to an audience by collating editorial content and banner ads.

Banner Advertising ... Pt 2

Continuation of David Thompson's and Birgit Wassmuth's article on banner advertising on online newspaper sites.


Showing a healthy financial growth

Two-year college newspapers across the country are financially better off, with larger budgets and higher salaries for increasingly more editors and staff members at the end of the decade and century than they were earlier in the decade.

Review: The Troubles of Journalism

Anyone who has worked at a major news organization over the past ten years can relate to the argument presented by William A. Hachten in "The Troubles of Journalism: A Critical Look at What's Right and Wrong with the Press" (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1998).


Review: Patterns on the Stone

After reading "The Pattern on the Stone," one gets a great urge to build a computer. This book demonstrates it is only an accident of history that has brought us the beige box full of silicon chips powered by electricity.

Review: The More You Watch ...

"The More You Watch, The Less You Know: News Wars / (Sub)Merged Hopes / Media Adventures" (Seven Stories Press) is an indictment of TV news and its negative influence on Americans. Schechter, who worked in broadcasting for more than 30 years, says broadcast news is turning people away from politics and away from the news itself.


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