Organization site - Summer 2000
Issue: 2/20/01


The very backbone of the student-learning effort in our journalism classrooms and student publications laboratories is the instructor/adviser, and one worthy of salute is Dr. Tom Buckner, now retired from McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas. A piece about him begins this issue of the Community College Journalist. Another longtime friend of community college journalism featured in this issue is Melvin Mencher, professor emeritus at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism who has delved into stories of those pioneer journalists who have stood for justice in our society. Richard Cameron of Cerritos College, our resident computer expert, has developed a system for e-mailing grades to students and shares it with Community College Journalist readers. And for those who want to take a nostalgic look back at the publication process, Steve Ames of Moorpark College takes the reader from pasteup to pagination.

President's Column: Communication is Critcal
By Napoleon Johnson

A Full Spectrum Career: Dr. Tom Buckner Retires from McLennan
By John Neal

Pioneer Journalists: Courage to Stand for Justice in Society
By Melvin Mencher

Template Series: e-mail Your Grades to Students
By Richard Cameron

Pagination Evolves: Adventures in Quark and Pagemaker
By Steve Ames