Organization site - Fall 2001
Issue: 2/20/01

Convention photo highlights

CCJA scenes from the

Washington, D.C. AEJMC Conference

Journalist editor, Tina Vervoorn, represented CCJA and the
Journalist at the AEJMC vendor show.

Above and below: Convention attendees visit the GIFT poster session, which
was a wild success!

You can post a lot at the GIFT poster session.

Journalist editor Tina Vervoorn does some sighseeing between workshops and
vists the White House.

CCJA president, Carroll Ferguson Nardone teaches at Sam Houston State University,
but ran into a statute of Houston in the U.S. Capitol statuary.

More visitors to the GIFT poster session.

Edna Bauptista, who coordinates the GIFT program for CCJA, and Arlene Scadron
of Pima (AZ) College were among the attendees.