Organization site - Fall 2001
Issue: 2/20/01

Secretary's Message
By Dr. Steve Ames, CCJA Executive Secretary

While the bulk of my responsibility to the Community College Journalism Association is to send out the dues notices, update the mailing list when members join or renew, pay the bills and keep the records, there comes a time several times a year when my greatest pleasure is coordinating with Tina Vervoorn as she skillfully creates an issue of your Community College Journalist. With Tina as the editor since Summer 2000, CC Journalist has quickly returned as a well-written and respected magazine in the academe.

Members of CCJA: This magazine is yours. If you have article ideas please send them to Tina via e-mail [email protected]. These would include an experience related to journalism teaching, publications advising or a profile on a fellow journalism instructor. She's also interested in having journalism textbooks reviewed.

Another method of participation is to attend an event in which your organization participates including the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Convention during the summer and the National College Media Convention during the fall. Contact President Carroll Ferguson Nardone [email protected] if you'd like to be on the community college program of these conventions.

CCJA is on the Worldwide Web and if you don't receive periodic information via e-mail from the [email protected], add your name to that list by contacting Rich Cameron at his email address: [email protected].

Meanwhile, your organization continues its growth and members can assist this by contacting me [email protected]. Dues are increasing for the first time in a dozen years from $35 to $40.