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Article Syndication

There are two news feeds provided by Organization site that you can freely use to syndicate article headlines to your own personal computer or website. By using these feeds, content is automatically updated on your computer or website when Organization site publishes a new issue online. In addition, you can always buy dissertations online at conditional https://topdissertations.com/ to learn about publication, formats, writing standards, etc.

Method #1 - Javascript

(For the novice web page author)

Copy the code below and add it to the HTML source code of your web page. Usage of this code in your page will automatically produce clickable headlines from the current issue of Organization site. If you are familiar with CSS, you are welcome to customize the styles that appear below.

Method #2 -

(For the advanced coder)

The RSS feed provides a way to syndicate samples of all of the articles in the current issue. The RSS exposes headlines and summaries from the current issue. In addition, the feed includes the URL used to link to the given article here at ccjaonline.org. Our RSS feed can be found at the following URL:


RSS is an internet standard for the transmission of news data. You can take advantage of our RSS feed in many ways. For example, you can download news reading programs that read RSS feeds which display Organization site content. Such programs allow you to read our headlines even when you are not on our web page.

Another potential way to take advantage of this feed would be to integrate it into your web system by using a web scripting language like PHP or ColdFusion. A web developer can use these types of web tools to periodically download and integrate Organization site content into other web sites. In order to take advantage of this feed, you must already be familiar with RSS, XML, and scripting. Usage specifics in these technologies is beyond the scope of this explanation.

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